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If you are determined to settle peacefully and amicably with your partner, Coyne Family Law can assist with mediation or other alternative dispute resolution approaches.
If you are being dragged into a court battle, or if the situation needs a more aggressive strategy, we can walk you through the litigation process.

Separation Agreement, Custody, Divorce

Whether you are negotiating a separation agreement, fighting a custody battle, or seeking child support, your separation is likely to be one of the most stressful times of your life. The decisions you make now will affect you for many years to come.

Coyne Family Law is chosen by clients who want an ally to walk them through the family law process.

We focus on strategies to manage conflict and costs.

We keep in touch. We answer all your questions.

Reach out. We can help.

Woodstock Family Lawyer

An investment in legal representation is an investment in your future; the decisions you make now will affect you and your loved ones for decades to come. Our focus is on reducing conflict, minimizing legal fees, and getting you closure.

We answer the phone. We explain the details. We follow your lead.

“She truly goes the extra mile for her clients, and it is clear that helping people is her passion. I would highly recommend Coyne law to anyone who finds themselves in need of true support and representation. I guarantee she will have your back.”

Alicia JoyceGoogle Reviews

“Rebecca is one of the most competent and caring lawyers we have ever met. I find myself thinking “wow” every time she’s talking law. Beyond that we have witnessed her impeccable moral character and personal concern for everyone she helps. I guarantee you will not find a better lawyer.”

John SawkinsGoogle Reviews

“Always professional. Quick to respond. She has a strong value system that really places people first. In my situation, she was available every step of the way. Would happily work with Coyne Law again.”

Helen MackayGoogle Reviews

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