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Separation Agreement Questions

Answered by a Family Lawyer

A separation agreement is a type of domestic contract that sets out the rights and obligations of the spouses after their relationship ends. Typically, the separation agreement is drafted by a family lawyer on behalf of one party. The document will set out the payment of child and spousal support, set out terms details of parenting time, RESP contributions, extra-curricular expenses, and it may include many other promises as well as releases of rights.

The separation agreement document is only a small part of the separation process. The real work is in the background. It is critical to obtain appropriate financial disclosure, negotiate an appropriate amount and duration for support, and to work out the details of when and how certain aspects of the agreement may (or may not) be revisited.

Unfortunately, the cost of an unfair separation agreement can be significant. Just a $100 too much or too little can add up to a significant amount of money over the life of a child. Many of my current clients discovered their need to consult a London family lawyer when they realized they had agreed to pay too much or receive too little support. This type of situation can wind up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in overpayments.


A Separation Agreement is a unique contract because, although the goal is to create an airtight document that can withstand legal challenges, the fact is that so many of the important factors will change.

Are you paying spousal support? How much and for how long? What happens if you retire or become disabled? What happens if your spouse remarries? What if there is a pandemic and your business goes bankrupt?

Will you agree to maintain a life insurance policy? What about health benefits?

When will the child support end? Will you pay support for the children until they finish their first degree? Or not until they leave post-secondary school altogether?

What will the process be if there is a dispute under the agreement?


Make sure that you are negotiating your separation agreement with all the information! Informed decisions require full disclosure. Get professional help. Protect yourself and your future. Reach out. I can help.


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