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The Best Advice from a Family Lawyer

What’s my best advice for you? Be as involved in your children’s lives as possible.


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Remember, even the best family lawyer can’t turn back time.

Ask your Family Lawyer about Custody

Like all parents, you’re doing your best. But in the family law context, vague evidence that you are “doing your best” is not as helpful to your custody lawyer as a detailed logbook of your parenting of your child. This is especially important when a custody battle is looming. Not as involved as you should be? It’s never too late to change the dynamic.

Childcare Self Assessment – How involved are you with your Family?

Your family lawyer is going to ask you the following questions – don’t answer with “I’m doing my best.” Have the details!

  • Do you bathe the child? Dress him or her? Share drop off and pick up from school?
  • Who is feeding the kids, making their lunches, and making and attending the medical appointments?
  • Who is called when the child is sick at school? Who figures out where they go on PA days?
  • Who chooses and registers the children for extra-curricular activities? Who does all that driving?
  • Who pays for clothing/diapers/food/sports/daycare?

Is your answer to most or all of these questions: “my spouse does that”?

Remember: even the best custody lawyer can’t turn back time.

Start now.

Roll up your sleeves and get involved. Keep the Evidence for that custody fight. 

Do not get sidelined from your children’s lives. Also, be sure to keep track. Use a logbook and document the details so that you are in a good position to give your custody lawyer the best evidence of your role in your children’s lives.

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