What your Family Lawyer wants you to know about Christmas parenting…

As a custody and divorce lawyer, my phone rings off the hook this time of year. It is an emotional time, fraught with high conflict among parents (particularly among couples without a parenting or separation agreement.) Whether it’s the first Christmas post-separation or it has been a few years now, your children will remember this time of year more than any other.

Read on for tips to lower the temperature over the holidays.

  1. The main thing I want you to know about holiday parenting is something you already know: it’s about the kids. Whether you have sole custody or shared parenting….please remember it’s not about you and what you are entitled to.
  2. Be flexible. Say yes to reasonable changes to the usual routine. If you are driving between cities, agree to meet halfway to save travel time. (Talbotville is a great place, if you are traveling between London and St. Thomas.)
  3. Be prompt. Pick up and drop off on time. If you see the other parent during exchanges (and there are no orders in place preventing communication) say Merry Christmas. Wish the other parent a Happy New Year. Ask about the Grandparents. This has a huge impact on your children; it shows that you mean what you say about the “Christmas Spirit.”
  4. Get the other parent a gift from the child. Your child loves the other parent. She needs help to show it at Christmas. Make a point of doing so, and make it fun. Both London and St Thomas have Christmas markets and they make for a fun day trip. If money is an issue, make some fudge or bake cookies. Wrap the gift carefully. Remember, you are teaching your child how to treat people.  Your child will come bearing a gift instead of the awkward feeling of showing up empty-handed.
  5. Don’t intrude. Don’t demand a call or FaceTime during the other parent’s time. Your time is coming, and you want it to be sacred; hang in there! Let the child soak up their time with the other parent, without causing them to have one emotional foot in each home.
  6. Create new traditions. Grab some hot chocolate and rate the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood. Go to a carol sing or go sledding. Make a Christmas holiday bucket list.

Consider these tips and keep your focus on your next happily ever after. If you need assistance from a divorce & family lawyer, please reach out. We can help.

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